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The Faculty of Science in Tuzla was founded in 2002 by the Law Amending the Law on Tuzla University, brought by the Assembly of Tuzla Canton ("Official gazzette of Tuzla Canton 2/02"), based on the previous study departments of natural sciences and mathematics at the Faculty of Philosophy in Tuzla, which exists from 1993 . Studies at the Faculty are organized for full time students and carried out within the faculty departments. Undergraduate courses last four years and after completion the students are awarded Bachelor degrees in teaching or science, denoting the faculty department. After the establishment of the European system of higher education, in academic year 2003/04 the University of Tuzla introduced the European Credit Transfer System.


The Faculty has 5 laboratories for general physics and a scientific-research lab for detection, dosimetry and radiation protection; 4 labs for biology classes and 1 for scientific researches in microbiology and genetics, 3 computer centers with educational software etc. The faculty employs over 100 members of teaching staff and assistants, including outside associates.

Faculty departments

1. Biology

2. Physics

3. Geography

4. Chemistry

5. Mathematics